For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a hard time sleeping. Especially getting to sleep. Not because I’m worried or stressed (usually) but because I am so excited to get up in the morning and get back to work – to get back to doing that which is moving my life forward which is so satisfying and rewarding.
Lately, I have been getting up in the morning anywhere between 2am – 5am. It’s 3:55am as I write this on Monday morning. But sometimes I wake up at 11:30 or 1am feeling like a kid at Christmas; just jacked and ready to go. I look at the clock and feel disappointed knowing that it is far too early to get up and I have to force myself to get some more sleep.

Jay Woodford - Everyday Should Feel Like Being a Kid on Christmas Morning2

This is how I want to live. And chances are, it’s how you want to live too. I was watching a few minutes of a show last night about a guy who had to go to work doing a typical mundane office job (no it wasn’t Office Space). It made me feel sick – literally. I cannot imagine living basically the opposite of how I am now; hating to hear my alarm in the morning, hating getting ready, hating the commute, hating every minute at the office and doing that for just enough money to keep myself alive to survive to be able to do it all again tomorrow and doing this 5-6 days per week for 45 years or more. I’d rather be dead. Literally.

What keeps people stuck in that horrible cycle when, in 2015, there are limitless options for people who are willing to think, grow, develop marketable skills, learn, take risks, conquer adversity, innovate and solve problems? It’s just that. They don’t want to do these things. They aren’t mentally prepared for the work. They are dominated and controlled by their appetite for indifference, security, comfort, safety, risk and pain avoidance and careless ease once they’ve left their word-a-day world behind at 5 or 6 o’clock. By allowing those things to control you, it precludes you from stepping beyond merely existing to truly living. A person who has locked themselves into slow economic suicide, as I like to call it, almost never comes out because they so value their down time after work to just check out and forget how much life actually sucks that it would be next to impossible for them to muster up the energy to use that time to further themselves and provide a way to get out their miserable existence.

Only when a person stops self soothing and faces the music about how miserable, pointless and lame that existence is, only when they allow the actual pain of it to hit them will they have the deseperation that is required to get them asking and seeking for the answer that will move them out of the realm of aimlessness into a life of purpose and passion.  It’s worth it.  It’s hard, it’s painful.  You pay full price up front without any absolute guarantees but once you’ve had that, you realize the alternative just simply isn’t worth it.  What’s the point of life if all you’re going to do is work today to survive to repeat the same crap day after day, month after month for the next how ever many years.

Get off your couch, turn off your TV.  Stop cultivating and feeding your own indifference and complacency and start digging deep, finding out what really makes you tick and how you can provide value and solutions to someone else’s life.  We live in such an incredibly exciting time where we can literally learn anything we want without much cost and we can build a money-making enterprise that for little to no money.  If we’re willing to do the work, push through the growing pains and setback and trust the fact that you cannot put out value without reaping value in return, we can get there.  It’s how life is meant to be so stop exisiting and start living.  You won’t regret it in spite of the trials and challenges and temporary defeat you’re sure to meet along the way but I promise if you hit old age and haven’t done anything that truly meant much to you, you will regret that and by then, it’s too late.  Do it now.  Start asking questions and dig deep.



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