From what I gather, there isn’t a lot of support for girls in the school system whatsoever to combat this (sexualization & objectification). There’s nothing that’s combating this.

Girls, to me — young girls seem to be in a very vulnerable spot with this and it’s — it’s really, it’s heartbreaking because they don’t have a dad that’s going to stand up for them. The dad’s either not present or not there or hasn’t cultivated that kind of relationship. The whole family dynamic is a disaster and… never mind the fact that young boys are dumb as shit and that’s how they roll and they treat girls like garbage because that’s what they’ve seen, that’s what society talks about…

There’s so many things that this brings up for me. The fact that I think that we, as a society have fought hard and long and tough battles against the objectification of women, about women being treated equally and now there’s this whole segment of women who turn around now and, in the name of empowerment and equality, they turn around and hyper objectify themselves. They become nothing but sexual objects and they think that that’s empowerment. That fucking blows my mind.

That absolutely blows my mind. I have no idea how to process that. It is so backwards to me and it’s so discouraging because to me, it’s the antithesis of where this should end up.



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