I’m a big fan of self-acceptance but trying to get there by telling ourselves lies is just not smart. I get that this is an attempt to remedy the debilitating problem that most of us struggle with at some point in our lives; the problem of self-condemnation. But it’s a band-aid – a quick fix – which is almost as destructive as that which it tries to remedy.

A major part of making personal progress is acknowledging where we’re at and what needs work. The idea that you’re perfect just the way you are seems like a knee-jerk reaction instead of a rational and constructive evaluation of what is real. It’s a pendulum swing back in another wrong direction leaving its proponents in a place where they unwittingly make it virtually impossible to progress and improve.

Instead, why not be at peace with the fact that you, like every other person on this planet, is grossly imperfect and regardless of how others might ignorantly respond to your imperfection, you know your mistakes, short comings and past don’t define the real you are not indicative of all you can become.

You might some value in my article “I’m At Peace With Myself Even If You Aren’t



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