It's Decision Time...

Do you want to take my offer or not?

I don't want to chase you and pester you anymore than you want me to so let me know whether or not you would like to proceed on the offer that I've sent you.  If it's a yes, that's great.  If it's a no, I won't be offended in any way, shape or form.  You owe me nothing.

Just let me know via the webform whether you're ready to move forward or not and we can carry on with our lives.

Thank you!

DRE Decision Time

About Me

I've been in the digital media and marketing space since 2010 and have many projects that I've founded or am a part of.  Since starting working in this space, everyday going to work feels like being a kid in a candy store; there's endless fun to be had and so much opportunity to take advantage of.  That's why I love helping businesses leverage the possibilities that exist in the digital world.

Apart from work, I love spending quality time with my wife and 4 kids.  We live in one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Canada - the Okanagan Valley.  With incredible year round whether, world-class ski resorts, golf courses, lakes, beaches and so much more, there is no end to the outdoor activities we get to enjoy together.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I can help you!

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