Learn How To Create Upfront & Recurring Income Through Digital Real Estate In depth, free training on how to build a digital real estate business that can create substantial upfront and recurring long term income.

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WHAT IS DIGITAL REAL ESTATE? Websites (digital properties) that make you upfront and recurring monthly income



Earn $40-$90+ Per Hour Upfront

With every digital property you create and sell you have the opportunity make substantial upfront income for your work.

Generate Recurring Monthly Income

Each digital property you create brings with it the opportunity to earn $50 - $150 per month in recurring revenue. Month after month after month.

Unlimited Opportunity

With tens of millions of business around the world needing and wanting the service we provide, there is virtually no limit to how big you can grow.

You just need to actually do something with it and put in the work.

You just need to actually do something with it and put in the work.


When it comes to business, Gary Vaynerchuk is my hero so when I had the idea to create a training platform that would teach people how to leverage the world of web design to create a business with unlimited growth potential, instead of charging hundreds or thousands of dollars for the training, I decided to take his advice and give it away for free. 

I'm not doing this out of pure selfless benevolence.  I know that if I can help as many people as possible with this project, the long term benefit for me will far exceed any short term benefit I might have derived by charging for this.

You could literally take the information I'm providing in the 7 overview videos I did, go make yourself a fortune and never give me a dime and I'd be happy.  That's why I created this.  This project means a lot to me and if you decide to run with it, I beg you to put your head down, give it everything you've got and make up your mind to succeed with it no matter what.

"Give all of your best information away for free without any expectation of return."

Gary Vaynerchuk


"I know many people want to have their own business so they can have the benefits that entrepreneurship brings. I don't know of a better way for ordinary people to create something substantial for themselves with little to no money and pure hard work."

Jay Woodford


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