Make $300+ Per Day & Recurring Walk Away Monthly Income

A BIT ABOUT ME... Member of Team GaryVee / Entrepreneur

I'm Jay Woodford. I've been publishing content for New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk alongside Team GaryVee since 2018 and I've been running my own businesses in digital media, marketing and web design since 2011.

I created this project because I saw an opportunity for ordinary people to create a business with little to no money that would give them options.

I don't know where I've found you in your journey but if you're at a place where you really need or want to create an income that can give you actual freedom and actual choices, I promise if you put in the work, this is a place where you can achieve exactly that.

I've put together 7 videos outlining exactly what it takes to create digital rental income properties; websites that can generate substantial upfront and recurring income.

If you do exactly what I tell you, your life could look radically different in the next 6-12 months.  If this is what you're looking for, watch the 7 videos and if it's a fit, let's get to work.  I look forward to helping you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve!

P.S. I talk a lot about mental health and real life issue on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook if you want to get to know me more.

Member of Team GaryVee

Founder of Synergist Media

Co-Founder of Velocity PCM

Founder of Unbranded Design Co.

Darci I

"Jay truly cares. You can see that in everything he does and his support through this program is worth it's weight in gold. His advice and guidance has made this process much faster and more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. I can't recommend it strongly enough."

Greg Pitman

"This has turned into the ultimate business for me. I'm not at all tech savvy and I can't believe how simple this all is between the web design tools and the training Jay and his team provide, I'm truly amazed. This has been financially life changing and incredibly fulfilling to learn these new skills that happen to pay very well! And being able to work from literally anywhere is pretty amazing. Can't thank you enough Jay and team!"

William H

"I've tried everything to get out of a job I hate including MLM.  I wrecked most of my friendships as is often the case.  I love so much about this but especially that it's a real business and one where I never have to chase my friends and family.  I went at it slow due to time constraints and within a year, I was able to build enough of an income where I no longer need to work. I am eternally grateful for Jay and his team for making this opportunity so accessible and for helping me to make this happen. Jump in and do the work. You will look back and be so grateful you did."

Joe F.

"The upfront money is amazing, the system he teaches for building your client base works - you'll see that in the videos but the best part is building an income that pays you every single month.  That gives you options.  Do this with everything you have and you'll be glad you did!"

Job Replacing Upfront Income

Making $300+ per day is a walk in the park with my system.  Between the vastness of the opportunity and the fact that I'm going to teach you how to do this in a way that will have businesses banging down your door for your services, that kind of income is just a start - nevermind the most important part; building a monthly recurring income that comes in whether you work or not...

Recurring Walk Away Income

If you're not building a business that pays you real recurring income, you don't have a business, you have a job.  With my system, you can make $50-$200 per month recurring income with each client you bring on.  How many of clients at that rate would it take for you to not have to work again?  That's called doing the work one time and getting paid over and over again for it.

No Technical Skills Required

Building websites in 2021 is so much easier than most people think. At Synergist Media, my web design & digital media company, we build world-class websites for clients all over the world without ever using a single line of code. The same powerful drag and drop technology that we use is the exact same that you will have access to and best of all, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know. When you watch the video overviews of how exactly everything works, you're going to see first hand how simple it is to build jaw-dropping websites and get paid really good money for doing so.  From entire website templates that you can click and customize quickly to 100+ design modules where you basically tell the system what you want it to do and it does all the work for you, creating amazing websites becomes a breeze.  Click the button below to watch the video overviews yourself to see exactly how everything works from start to finish and from there, you can decide whether or not this is the business you've been looking for.

LaunchPadPro-BG 3

Work Anywhere From Anywhere

All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you're good to go. The entire platform runs on a powerful mobile app so you can learn from anywhere, get guidance from me from anywhere and build your business from anywhere.  You can do business with companies all over the world; there really is no limit to what you can do in terms of building your digital empire.  Click the button to watch the videos and see it all for yourself from start to finish!

No Chasing Friends & Family

We all know those people who join one of those deals. As soon as they do, they treat us like someone with a dollar sign over our head and it wrecks the relationship. None of us want to be that person. 

What I'm going to show you is a real actual business providing a real service that every business needs and wants so you can keep business and personal life separate and never have to ask your friends and family to "come to a meeting."

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