I help companies drive more businessI build quality websites at a fair priceI partner with people to help them build their own web design agencyI've been known to help people succeed with Facebook & Instagram advertisingI know a thing or two about producing great video contentSome people ask me for golf lessons(but I wouldn't recommend that)I can teach you how to raise chickensI can entertain you with childish stupidity on Instagram


A BIT ABOUT ME... husband / dad / business / creative

There's something wrong with me.  I met my wife Jill on May 30, 2008 and we were married August 30, 2008.  Yeah, that's 90 days later (give or take a few but 90 sounds better).

People thought I was crazy when I told them we were engaged pretty much 2 weeks after meeting.  But I knew.  And it was the best decision I ever made without question.  And I'm not trying to be cute.  If you met her, you'd understand.

We had 4 kids in 5 years.  Remember I said there was something wrong with me? Joking aside, that part was not intentional. I'm not smart enough to be that intentional and apparently planning wasn't my strong suite.

When we had our first 2 boys, things were tough.  I mean really tough.  Everyone talks about having kids when they're good and ready and in a stable place financially.  I like a good challenge so we decided to do the exact opposite of that. 

Just kidding.  Remember I said I wasn't smart enough for that level of intentionality?  Well I meant it.

I started my business Synergist Media in 2011 and have been having the time of my life ever since.  I've always been radically driven to work for myself and have the freedom to control my time and that's what I get to do.  And I get to work with and serve a lot of amazing people along the way.  Maybe you could be one of them?  

If there was a mutually beneficial fit to do so that'd sure make me happy if you were.  If you think I can help you or your business, let's talk.

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Jay Woodford - Synergist Media - Curse Free GaryVee Podcast - Main 4231

What Can I Do For You?

Jay Woodford - Synergist Media - My Company


My web design and digital media agency since 2011.

Jay Woodford - Velocity PCM - My Other Company


A company I co-founded with 3 partners to serve dental practices across North America

Jay Woodford - LaunchPadPro - My Latest Project


My partnership & training platform for teaching people how to make upfront & recurring income creating and hosting websites for small - medium businesses

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Content By Gary Vaynerchuk
Without All The F*cking Swearing

I'm super pumped and proud to be a part Gary Vaynerchuk's team producing and publishing the official Curse Free GaryVee podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and every other major podcast platforms.

I believe Gary's content and philosophies backed by his unshakable reputation for being a good person who operates with the highest integrity and good intent makes him one of, if not the most trusted resource for tactical business and mindset advice.

[Read the full story about how I started this here]

Please give it a watch or a listen, share it with your friends and let us know your thoughts!

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*I want to give credit where credit is due.  Please note that I did not create the Curse Free GaryVee YouTube Channel. That was the work of Jonathan Alaya who runs a full service video production company called InnerView Media based out of Carlsbad, CA.  He started working on the project a little over a year ago - 9+ months before I even thought of it.  Please go shoot him a thank you on the YouTube channel as that is all courtesy of his consistent hard work


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